02. Hey! It’s my zone!

03. Oh crap! Here we go again!
7 February 2017
01. Either us or her?
7 February 2017
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02. Hey! It’s my zone!

Masonic eye of Omniscience on golden shining background. Mystical symbol vector illustration

Conspiracy theories, the White House, the Illuminati? One of the oldest, secret organizations is hiding many dark secrets. You will need to be a lot creative to outsmart them.  Trying to uncover their secrets, you have found a place  containing evidence of their existence, but they were watching you…

Hey! It’s my zone! is a unique puzzle room, with an unconventional approach to the game. Electronics combined with classic solutions and a new approach to gameplay makes it an exciting and difficult challenge!

The room is available only for:

2 to 4 players

You  should not book this room if you suffer from epilepsy.

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